Snow and "Average" is trouble

DC doesn't normally get a lot of snow. No, really, I promise. Before this year, it had been over three years since we had a snowfall of more than two inches! In the month of February, for the entire month, DC averages only six inches. The problem is, the word average.

Using the word average can be very misleading. For instance, if you have one arm in the freezer and one arm in the oven, based on averages you should be comfortable. Not the reality.

And saying DC averages six inches of snow in February is as misleading as the stove and freezer analogy. DC will go three years with very little and then BOOM, get hit with a winter of 24 inches. Over four years, it's an average of six. That year of 24, trust me, you don't give two snowballs about averages.

And yes, I know it's March but it's snowing... again. Let's hope this is the last one as this one appears to be a doozy.

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