Getting Settled In

I've now been in Birmingham for a couple of months and things are finally settling in a little bit. It's been a big transition moving from DC and also dating a woman with three kids. I'm trying to find a way to fit in on multiple layers. Thankfully I've been able to continue working as a consultant for LCWS, the internship program in DC, which has been a blessing. I would like to find local work (yes, LCWS knows and is happy for me) so that's now the ne​xt item on the agenda.

I've been doing so many things at LCWS that I can find myself fitting in just about anywhere. The big problem right now is networking in the new city, meeting people, and finding the right opportunities.

In my desire to keep learning, yesterday I signed up for my first business class on Coursera. It's "Introduction to Marketing" through Whartburg School of Business and is the first of four classes as part of a certification program. I would like to pursue a MBA and this is giving me a taste of it. Granted, these aren't full fledge classes like business school, they're sort of business school light, but I'm still learning which is the most important thing.

Other than that, things are good. The kids have started playing soccer. The weather is starting to change and we have some very nice 70's and low 80's days. Nothing like sitting outside as the sun goes down and enjoying the cool evening. One of the many reasons I love the south.

One big new introduction to living in Bham was finding a scorpion in my apartment. Yes, a scoprion. A Southern Devli Scorpion to be exact. Apparently they're a thing here. Thankfully they aren't going to kill me but will cause a nice sting and soreness sort of like a bad wasp sting. Ouch. I politely excused said southern devil from my apartment and will be keeping an eye out for any of his friends. Thankfully they don't travel in packs!

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