Resignation from LCWS

As you may have heard, I am resigning from my position as Director of Operations and Communication with the Lutheran College Washington Semester program. Having started in April of 2000, it has been a great 15 years and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Being with the program for 15 years, I have seen a little bit of everything. From the attacks of 9-11 and sniper shootings, to meeting famous people, high ranking politicians, actors, and seeing historical events. We made it through an earthquake, a couple of hurricanes, and several snowmaggedons, one of which even flooded the office.

Without a doubt, the best part has been working with the students. I've had the privilege to work with hundreds and hundreds of the best and brightest students. Many of these students are now friends of mine and I am lucky to have them in my life. To know that in some small part I helped these students get a better education, have an unforgettable experience, and to possibly help them develop as both a person and a professional is extraordinary.

I could go on and on about stories from my semesters and some have even suggested writing a book. It would be an interesting read without a doubt but maybe some stories are best kept to those invovled.

I can only try to sum it by saying thank you. Thank you to my boss, Dr. Nancy Joyner for allowing me to grow both in this position and to be part of a magical program. Thanks also to my board of directors for sharing this program with me and always being supportive of me. Thanks to those that I have worked with outside of LCWS - the contractors, the sales people, and all those that helped me do my job. And a special thank you to my co-workers in the office: Christy, Kellie, Alyssa, Laura and Melissa. A group of amazing women that I have learned so much from and feel blessed to call friends. These ladies made me laugh when I wanted to cry, listened to me when I needed support, and ignored me when I was being stupid. I couldn't have asked for better co-workers.

And of course, thanks to the students. The memories will stay with me for the rest of my life and please know how special it has been. I feel so honored that you chose to spend a semester away from your schools, your comfort zones, and to trust us in DC to provide you with an unforgettable experience, or as we like to say, "an experience of a lifetime". I'll miss the many times students sat on my couch to talk, shoot hoops in my office, stole stuff off my desk (you know who you are), or just shared adventures with me.

I feel honored and blessed to have been part of a great program and so many lives. You're family to me and mean so much to me. Thanks to you all and please stay in touch. If you found this website then I'm sure you'll notice the many ways to stay in contact.

And now it's off to Birmingham, Alabama. My last day with LCWS will be Friday, June 12th and on Saturday, June 13th I will be moving. I am lucky enough to be dating a wonderful woman who lives in Birmingham with her three children. She has three boys (7, almost 5, and 2) so I'm a bit in over my head. I'm sure this will be the start of my greatest adventure yet and I am looking forward to it. I don't have a place to live yet or a job yet but I have some time. I'm working on figuring things out but if you, or anyone you know, has contacts in the Birmingham area, please let me know. I need all the help I can get. I'll try to do a better job posting and keeping everyone up-to-date as things progress. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions whenever.

Best wishes and thanks to you all. It's been a great experience and I wish you all the best! And by the way, I'm not leaving for a 7 weeks so you'll still be seeing post and whatnot from DC for a bit.

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