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Hello and welcome to my blog! This is the beginning of what hopefully will be a series of interesting, creative, funny, and maybe even informative writings. I'll probably throw in some random pictures and videos just to keep you o​n your toes as well. I'm a visual guy so I'll try to be as visual as I can.

For those of you that followed the old blog, first let me apologize for it's disappearance. I had a dispute with the previous host of my blog and let's just say it didn't end as amicably as I had hoped. Unfortunately it means starting fresh with something new. I'm looking at that as a positive though hoping to create a fresh voice and share some new ideas.

Thanks for joining me and please feel free to follow along, comment, and add to the discussion. There's an RSS Feed button over on the side to help you subscribe. I welcome all but will be monitoring comments. Please keep it clean and respectful or I'll erase your comments and possibly ban you from the site. Let's have fun and thanks again for checking in!

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