{LINK}  Recent TV Interview with NBC 13 discussing the 21st Street Bridge replacement (aka The Rainbow Viaduct). 


{LINK}  TV Interview with ABC 33/40 in January talking about securing items in your car. 


{LINKFacebook Live Video with Cycling Talk, a local bicycle advocacy group. Birmingham City Councilor Darrell O’Quinn and I speak about Complete Streets and the project we were working on with REV that day. 


{LINKMain Street Alabama honored REV with the “Excellence in Downtown Planning and Public Space Design” award for the Complete Streets project mentioned above. 


{LINK}  Interview on ABC 33/40 from April 2017 discussing a traffic study I did at 17th St N and 4th Ave N Downtown trying to alert the city of a dangerous intersection.


{LINK}  Featured on Our Southern Souls website. The article sounds like I wrote it but the site owner, Lynn Oldshue, who also operates Southern Rambler magazine, wrote the article. 


{LINKFacebook post a citizen shared in the “I Believe in Birmingham” group page of me passing out water and sunglasses one hot summer day last year. 

{LINKFacebook Live video I shot as I was showing behind the scenes footage of Fox 5 reporter Bakari Savage doing a live remote shot from our office. Bakari even convinces me to jump in the live TV shot at the end and I continue the FB Live video as well. 


{LINK}  Interviewed on ABC 33/40 with Cheryl Morgan (urban planner), about the dangers of people illegally riding their bikes on a new trail extension that was recently opened.


{LINK}  Being interviewed on ABC 33/40 talk show, Good Day Alabama


{LINK}  A 360-degree video I made for Downtown Birmingham. 

{LINKCompleted 20th Street Feasibility Study – I was an active participant and shown in both pictures on page 24 of the Document. 

Website for

When I started at CAP, the website was outdated using bad design software. I completely built a new website, updating information and links, and updating pictures in the process. CAPisDowntown.com

Click on image to visit the CAP site 

Website for LCWS
Link to the LCWS website, washingtonsemester.org

Designed, built, wrote, provided pictures, and maintained program website, WashingonSemester.org. Includes contact forms, picture galleries, and information for students, parents, member institutions, and alumni.

Click on image to visit the LCWS site 

The current LCWS site is the third version I've produced over recent years. Earlier versions were done in MS FrontPage and then WordPress. The current version is done using Wix. I prefer Wix due to it's ease of drag-and-drop while it still has enough functionality to allow me to add my own HTML and design elements.


Also, my site, the one you currently are visiting, is done using Wix and was designed by me.

Mobile App for LCWS
LCWS Mobile App
LCWS Mobile App About Us Page
LCWS Mobile App Front Page

Click on each picture for larger images

Designed using a third party provider, Como, I designed, built, and wrote copy for a mobile app benefiting current students. The app provided emergency assistance, maintenance request, maps, updates on activities, and connections to our social media.

Brochure for LCWS
LCWS Brochure

Click on picture for full PDF

In conjunction with Top Shelf Designs, we developed a quad-fold brochure to market the program to students and their parents. I provided copy, pictures, helped edit, and approved design.

This is the third brochure I was the lead for designing. Previous versions were more traditional book type consisting of more text and detailed information. In previous versions I wrote copy, provided pictures, edited, and worked with designers on production along with aesthetic elements.

Poster for LCWS
LCWS Poster

Posters created to attract future students to the LCWS program. All work was done by me, including pictures, copy, and design. Thirteen versions of this poster were created, one for each of the member institutions.

Click on picture for full PDF

Rules and Regulations Student Guide for LCWS

In conjunction with lawyers and editing by the Dean, I wrote the LCWS Rules and Regulations handout given to students at the start of each semester. It consisted of 17 pages detailing a guide to participating in the program. 


In respect to LCWS, I have only included a picture of the cover page here.

Company Business Cards
Front of LCWS Business Card


Back of LCWS Business Card


Worked with local printer to create business cards for each employee. I wrote, designed, and coordinated production.

Click on each picture for larger images

Social Media for LCWS
  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Twitter - Black Circle
  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • Pinterest - Black Circle
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Click to visit the different networks for LCWS

Built the entire social media network for LCWS and for over 10 years wrote, created images, and produced material for the program helping to create interest and communicate with students.

Renovation of LCWS Condos
E5 Process of work
E5 Dining Room
E5 Kitchen
E5 Living Room
N1010 LR
N1010 Kitchen
N1010 Fireplace
N1010 DR
Show More

Over the course of four years, I worked to renovate each of the thirteen condos owned by LCWS and used by the students. I served as general contractor, interior designer, decorator, and purchaser. I directed a small team of workers to make my vision become reality on a shoestring budget.


Cost of average renovation



Average cost saved per condo



Added resale value per condo



Savings and value saved total


(828) 228-4886