Birmingham Benches

In 2012 or 2013, newly created REV Birmingham helped produce an event on 3rd Ave North meant to help revitalize the street. Big plans with big drawings were made and it looked like a cool idea. From what I gather, the weeklong event was held, some revitalize banners were put in some shop windows, and a blackboard with a public piano was installed in front of one of the closed store fronts.

Sadly, the plans for a better street were never followed up on and the street has pretty much remained the way it was in 2012.

One cool thing that came of the event was a special metal bench with a cutout in the back rest of the Birmingham skyline. These are some really great benches. They are also a bit heavy but that's neither here nor there.

My thoughts on it:

  • Let's get in touch with the designer and make sure it is okay to do more benches.

  • Let's examine materials. Do we want to use metal or is there something lighter and/or cheaper?

  • Did I say cheaper? Yes. It's my understanding these benches cost close to $1,500 each. Let's see if we can cut that down and produce several more.

  • Add more benches to the downtown area. There is a theory that more benches just provide more places for homeless to sleep. If that's your objection, then you need to understand the benches aren't the problem. It's that we don't have other places to help our homeless. Whatever the case, removing benches doesn't solve homelessness. A city needs benches so people can rest, so they can sit and talk, and enjoy being in the community. 

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