Graffiti Benches

Along 20th Street we have multiple concrete benches and multiple wooden benches. This past summer, someone with more artistic ability in their pinky then I have in my whole body, did a cool graffiti style art piece on one of the concrete benches. It was amazing! And then it got painted over. 

There are different stories on who painted it and then more stories about who painted over it. I choose not to dive into that rabbit hole. Instead, let's focused on the idea. 

My proposal:

Let's pick 8-10-12, or whatever number BIRMINGHAM artists to paint the concrete benches. They must be from the Bham region! Let's have them submit their idea for the design and as long as it's family friendly, we let them paint the benches. Then we cover the benches with a protective paint cover and help keep them clean.

If there are wooden benches on the block, then we clean them, and either give a nice wooden stain on them or use a solid color from that block's graffiti bench so it fits with that block's colors.

My thinking of doing stain or a solid color on the wood is that the wooden benches will break from time to time so replacing pieces that are part of a piece of art may be difficult. Also, I think it would be too much. My thinking is the wood benches should be accents and the concrete benches should be the main pieces.

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