Images from Birmingham

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Memorial for 4 Young Girls

In memoriam of the four young girls that died in the 1963 church bombing


The new bus station that opened in 2017

Art Crawl

The first Thursday of every month is Art Crawl in front of the Pizitz


A statue of MLK in the Kelly Ingram Park

TJ Tower

The newly renovated TJ Tower with a Zeplin dock. The dock lights up now but was to dock blimps.

Sunrise in Kelly Ingram

Kelly Ingram Park can have some of the best photo ops in the city

Fed Ex

The Fed Ex Building is a little oddly shaped and sometimes you get a great sunset across it


Regions Bank is one tall building!


Hard to tell but it's raining while the sun shines down

It's a Jungle

The full mural of animals and jungle. It's on the side of the Forestall shop in the alley.

Eye See You

We have a great mural of nature and this features a frog that is definitely watching what you're doing

On the Hunt

From the Forestall Mural - a Tiger? leopard? hunts or is just watching us closely

My Reflection

Looking across 5th Ave one day I realized I could see myself in the building across the street.

Rotary Trail

The Magic City sign was brought back and has been a symbol for the city for many years

Carver Theater

Carver Theater along 4th Ave has hosted some of the world's best jazz artist

Frozen Fountain

Yes, it was a tad chilly

City Federal

Once a large office building it is now a large apartment building

Birmingham Barons

The west side of Regions Field, home of the AA Barons, shows off Birmingham pride.


Sidewalk Festival is one of the best festivals in the country and showcases hundreds of films


Coming out of the central library I caught this prism of sunlight across the floor

16th Street Baptist Church

The church is iconic and makes a beautiful setting for a sunset


Calm waters in Railroad Park help with this shot of city center

I Love Bhm

I usually say Bham but our airport is BHM. Either way, I love it and this is from Alchemy on 20th St.


It doesn't get cold here often so I took advantage to grab a couple of cold weather shots

Magical City

Sunsets across the Rotary Trail are beautiful

Going for a Ride

Birmingham is full of characters


The rail system is a big part of why Bham exist and the tracks still run through the middle of the city

2nd Ave at Sunset

Looking between the Pizitz and McWane Science Center

Sunset through Alley

Sometimes an alley gives you a great frame for a sunset

Mini Vulcan

Vulcan, the God of Forge, sits on top of Red Mountain but we have several mini Vulcans spread around.

Mystery Tower

Why mystery tower? Because I can't figure out why it's here. but I really like it. The panels spin in the wind.

Greek Church

Bham has a long history with Greeks and this is one of our beautiful churches in city center


Yes, everyone has this shot as it's on almost every postcard but I couldn't resist

New AL Theater Sign

A new sign was installed at the end of 2017 for the Alabama Theater.

City Hall at Christmas

City Hall is the center piece for Christmas along with Linn Park

Moon Shot

City Center gives you fun buildings and even fun moon rises

3rd Ave

Have I mentioned we have great sunsets in Bham?


I think this was a sunrise as a day arises in Bham in more ways than one

Wild Life

We have tons of squirrels and they make great photos if you can get one to sit still

Story Teller Festival

A new festival created in 5 Points around the storyteller fountain

Iconic Gate

A straight on shot this time of our Magic City sign


Rumor has it Electa, who stands tall on the AL Power building, has a thing for our man Vulcan

18th Street at Night

Looking south toward Vulcan one evening


A strong storm blew through but at least brought some cool sky colors

LED Tunnels

We have 4 tunnels underneath the railroad tracks and each is lit with colorful LEDs

16th Street Baptist

The sign for the 16th Street Baptist Church at the corner of 16th St and 6th Ave

Sunset at 5th Ave

Traffic leaving town at the end of a long day

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